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The Results are IN! 2018 Tenth Annual High School Programming Competition

On November 10, 2018, the Department of Computer Science at Eastern Michigan University, and the Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Special Interest Group for Computer Science Education (SIGCS), presented its TENTH ANNUAL High School Programming Competition. The 2018 – Tenth Annual High School Programming Competition drew 158 High school students, their teachers, and over 30 EMU volunteers to the event this year. Teams of students at two levels of expertise compete by attempting to find successful solutions to six programming problems. The students programmed in Java, C++, and new for this year, Python! The students submitted their programs to an automated grading system, which was written in-house for the competition. The final programs are judged based on accuracy and speed. The maximum number of points possible is 600, with points deducted for time elapsed. Immediately following the competition, and after a luncheon, the students attend an awards ceremony. The top 10 teams from the beginner level and the advanced level were brought up on stage and recognized with certificates; with the top five teams receiving imprinted winner’s ribbons. Only one advanced team and one beginner team were able to successfully complete all 6 programs. One additional advanced team and two beginner teams completed 5 programs. Our team of knowledgeable judges did the final checks on each of the submissions from the top teams and made the decisions about any issues. We’d love to see YOU at the competition next year! &The probable date is Saturday, November 16, 2019. To get on the list for information updates, send an email to Pam Moore at
Student competition winners from Cranbook Kingswood.
Student competition winners from Cranbook Kingswood. 
And, the 2018 winners are: At the Advanced Level:
Organization Team Number Mentor Score Place
Cranbrook Kingswood 43 Richard Lamb 462 First
Kalamazoo AMSC 37 Shannon Houtrouw 425 Second
Kalamazoo AMSC 25 Shannon Houtrouw 358 Third
Midland 23 Robert Fox 336 Fourth
Detroit Country Day 1 Rami Baroody 326 Fifth
Kalamazoo AMSC 31 Shannon Houtrouw 318 Sixth
Cranbrook Kingswood 7 Richard Lamb 311 Seventh
Washtenaw Tech 45 Ehsan Khan 254 Eighth
Kalamazoo AMSC 34 Shannon Houtrouw 248 Ninth
Kalamazoo AMSC 52 Shannon Houtrouw 248 Ninth
At the Beginner Level:
Organization Team Number Mentor Score Place
Pioneer 33 Ted Emch 522 First
Troy Athens 6 Josh Pudaloff 457 Second
Pioneer 36 Ted Emch 400 Third
Pioneer 48 Ted Emch 355 Fourth
Pioneer 17 Ted Emch 343 Fifth
Detroit Country Day 51 Rami Baroody 326 Sixth
Kalamazoo AMSC 14 Shannon Houtrouw 311 Seventh
Pioneer 2 Ted Emch 276 Eighth
Troy Athens 24 Josh Pudaloff 240 Ninth
Detroit Country Day 28 Rami Baroody 187 Tenth


Zenia C. Bahorski Ph.D.: Zenia is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Eastern Michigan University. She can be contacted at Pamela Moore: Pam is a computer science instructor at Eastern Michigan University and Director of MACUL SIGCS. She can be contacted at