Technology Leadership

Why your Technology Director Needs to be CTO Certified

In the past, technology directors focused on computer hardware and infrastructure. That is no longer the reality in today’s 21st Century school. The role of technology directors in Michigan school districts requires expertise in many areas of education, including leadership and vision, understanding the educational environment, and managing technology and support resources to help students achieve academic excellence.

MSBO Certification

MSBO’s Chief Technology Officer certification supports the goal of creating technology leaders in Michigan education.

So, how does a technology director ensure that they have the tools they need to help their district? MSBO Technology Committee members brainstormed and created “Top 5” reasons why MSBO’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) certification benefits school districts.

Number 5

CTO certification shows value and builds credibility. Taking the time to learn new things and be open to updating your skills shows that you are in tune with current times and keeping your expertise in line with educational and industry standards.

Number 4

Fellow technology leaders throughout the state, in small and large districts, are certified and attending sessions. You can grow your professional learning community or find a mentor.

Number 3

Chief Technology Officers provide their school district’s leadership teams with actionable data and help them make the right “tech” choices for education in tight budgetary times. They understand the “why” behind financial decisions, can effectively communicate that to the public, and focus on school district sustainability.

Number 2

CTO certification provides a broad view of school district operations and helps you to understand how technology fits in a school district.

Drumroll please…

… And the NUMBER 1 reason MSBO’s CTO certification will benefit your school district…

Number 1

…… Become the technology education leader in your district by staying up-to-date on current trends, key areas of law, regulation, and best practices.

Start your certification today, here is one opportunity for you to begin – Attend a Wednesday workshop at MACUL, register for “Organizational Technology Audits” and “Organizational Applications”.  Want more information on MSBO certification, check the MSBO website for FAQs, CTO certification requirements. All SCECHs earned at MACUL can be used toward “elective credit” in your CTO certification path.


Fred Sharpsteen: Fred is the Director of Technology at the Mecosta-Osceola ISD.

Jeff Trudell (@jefftrudell): Jeff is the Technology Director for Wyandotte Public Schools and is the the Director of MACUL SIG TC.

Rick Webb: Rick is the Director of Technology for Fremont Public Schools.